Applications are being accepted for 2018-2019!


Now you can complete your application with the fill & print on our website, or you may contact St. John's (432-337-6431) for an application or more information. Contact us to schedule a tour.


Admission Standards

St. John's Episcopal School seeks students of average to above average ability who can contribute to and benefit from the Carden academic program.


Students are selected for admission to the School on the basis of academic potential, developmental maturity, school achievement, and readiness for the School's program. 


Students applying for acceptance to St. John's shall provide past scholastic records and may be given an appropriate readiness or achievement test deemed necessary and administered by the St. John's staff.  Each applicant will be evaluated to determine proper grade placement, taking into account the student's level of achievement, his/her chronological age, and other social, physiological, and developmental considerations. In all cases, the School retains the right to determine whether or not to select a student for admission or to re-enroll a student.


The programs of St. John's Episcopal School are designed to teach the academically able student.  Our staff and our facilities provide the opportunity to administer to individual needs; however, we are unable to adequately meet the needs of children who are physically, emotionally, behaviorally or intellectually challenged. 


The admission committee may make recommendations to the head of school, who has the ultimate authority and sole discretion in the decisions of whether or not to admit or re-enroll a student.


Admissions Requirements

The student shall display high academic standards.

  • Previous School records will be examined.

  • Testing, per St. John's policy, will be evaluated for academic readiness.
  • Students shall display attitudes of respect and cooperation.

The parent shall provide all necessary information and documents necessary to apply.

  • Application and fees for admission
  • Student health inventory and immunization records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Release for past scholastic records

Acceptance for admission to St. John's Episcopal School will be probationary for a period of no less than four weeks and not more than eighteen weeks to determine whether a child's needs can be met by the academic program at St. John's.


It is the policy of St. John's Episcopal School not to discriminate in violation of the law on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, and ancestry. All persons are encouraged to apply.