At St. John's, the teachers make the difference because of their wholehearted support for students and their families, as well as their willingness to work hard. The teachers have outstanding credentials and they enjoy working in a school where both academic excellence and Christian morals are encouraged.



Mrs. Emily McDoniel,  Head of School

Faculty: Pre-School 3's - 7th Grade

Pre-School 3's: Mrs. Coskrey

Pre-K 4's: Mrs. Ash,  Mrs. Forbess

Kindergarten: Ms. Valencia

First Grade: Mrs.Ford 

Second Grade:  Mrs. Hankins, Mrs. Kirk

Third Grade: Mrs. Grewell, Mrs. Hoffman

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Gibbons, Mrs. Castillo

Fifth Grade:  Mrs. Cardona

Sixth Grade: Mrs. Villaloboz

Seventh  & Eighth  Grade: Ms. Cypert, Ms. Belanger,

Mrs. Grewell, Mrs. Villaloboz

Librarian: Ms. Belanger

Faculty: Specialized Classes

Instrumental Music: Mr. Jackson

Music/Choir: Mrs. Murphy

Spanish: Mrs. Shoemaker

Physical Education:  Mrs. Mullen

Computer Technology: Mrs. Carrasco

Guitar (after school): Mr. Sanchez



Ms. Cooper: Bookkeeper

Mrs. Briones: Office Aide

Ms. T. Scott: School Secretary/Yearbook

Mrs. Harp: Financial Officer

Mrs. Lopez: Recess aide

Teachers' Aides

Mrs. Briones

Mrs. Lopez

Ms. Bynum

Pre-K 4's/Recess - Mrs. Lopez

Extended Day Enrichment

Ms.  Bynum

Mrs. Martinez

Ms. Ash

Ms. Clark

Ms. Valencia

Mrs. Carrasco

Ms. Castillo


Mr. Ramos